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What is Amanzi-ATS?

About Amanzi

Amanzi provides a flexible and extensible flow and reactive transport simulation capability for environmental applications. It runs in parallel, accurately represents complex topography and stratigraphy, and leverages advanced discretizations and solvers. Amanzi has been used to model contaminant migration at various DOE legacy waste sites, including the Nevada National Security Site and (e.g., Hanford, and Savannah River).

The multiphysics framework in Amanzi, called Arcos, provides modelers with flexibility to creatively isolate, decompose, and explore reduced and mixed-dimensional model configurations to develop understanding and make predictions.

About ATS

The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator is a code for solving ecosystem-based, integrated, distributed hydrology. It builds on the multi-physics framework and toolsets (mesh infrastructure, discretizations, solvers) provided by Amanzi. The ATS has been used to model thermal integrated (surface/subsurce) hydrology in polygonal Arctic tundra, integrated hydrology in pristine and watersheds (e.g., East River Watershed, CO), and to explore the impact of disturbances such as wildfire, on watershed function.

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